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M Masson

While living in Stockholm I began experiencing vocal issues and lower-back pain. As luck would have it, my piano teacher Mr Hellstrand trained as an Alexander Teacher. I had Alexander Technique lessons as well as regular piano lessons. I had lie-downs daily and read the few published works of F.M. Alexander.

A New Direction

I became aware of how habitual tendencies were interfering with my day to day living. After finishing a course of lessons, Mr Hellstrand introduced me to his AT teacher, Mr Hallmark. an English expat and actor. After graduating from LAMDA Hallmark studied the technique with Mr. Carrington who was F.M. Alexander’s assistant and dux at the original Training Course. I left for London to learn the Technique at CTC. 2016 I graduated as a Certified Alexander Technique Teacher and joined the largest Society of AT Teachers – STAT